This is moi, the character behind the name of Jean Huang Photography. :-)

This is moi, the character behind the name of Jean Huang Photography. :-)

Hello, nice to meet you here!  If you only have 30 seconds, the video below will explain most of my life journey.  

You've got a few more minutes?  Here's the low-down of what I'm about:

  • I got into photography because I believe that we are surrounded by beauty and it is only up to us to find out and appreciate.  So don't tell me that you need to drop the few pounds before taking a treasured memory with your loved ones.  You do need to take care of your body and health.  But I also want to remind you that you don't want to leave anything to regret.  If you need a reason, please read here.
  • Growing up, I could find my way into a different kind of trouble (with my parents) everyday.  So I guess I was a pretty creative kid.   
  • I did not grow up knowing that I'd be a photographer.  I was born in a country where, at the time, everybody was poor.  I did not own a camera until 22.
  • I never thought I could make a living doing creative stuff.  Let's face it, how can you make it if you are beat up on a daily basis?  Let alone, not much fun.  
  • According to my dad, I was a pretty observant kid.  For instance, I'd be staring at a family acquaintance for a long time, before pointing with my finger the (unfortunate) deformity in his face.  That embarrassed the hell out of everybody, all adults, I mean.  I did not learn to speak yet and consequently was not old enough to remember a thing about it.
  • I give "to-be"s (as in what kind of person do you want to be) higher ranking than the "to-do"s.  

        - For one, as people always hear me say, "if you are running in the wrong direction, being faster only makes you more wrong".
        - Two, the other thing I always say, "no matter your job, title, social class, wealth, etc., the first thing that we are is human being".  
        - At the end of the day (or life), it's how you have been as a person and how you've treated people and the kind of impact you've left to this world that will be remembered.

  • Many asked me why the photography after the biology, Ph.D. (not quite there), and CPA.  The short answer is that I've found myself and my soul was rescued.  Call or e-mail me if you'd like to hear the full (and longer) version. :-)
  • Last but not least, I love colors!  Have you noticed it? ;-)

Some knew me as a biologist, some knew me as a CPA, some call me professor and some know me as an artist. What happened? Watch my life (horror) stories, and you'll understand, hopefully.