I Continue my Quest with Painting with Light - Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

You know I'm a Transformational Beauty Photographer.  If some of you out there are wondering what age group I work with, the answer is, there is no limit to ages.  There is, however, other criteria to make sure that you are a good fit for this kind of "transformation" (and they are not related to weight or look or anything "superficial", for lack of better word) .  Come on, I've got standard!

So, how did I "transform" this zero-aged baby, you may ask?  Well, you notice it's not the usual newborn photography that you see on the internet?  To me, a baby coming to this world is a divine thing.  And I let the light "touch down" on the baby to give that feel.  Is that what you feel?

The creative process is nothing when described in words.  I got the baby and saw the stairs and decided to take a photograph there.  Blah...  All that wonderful chemistry going on in my heart (and brain) is hard to be drawn with words.  But hey, all that stuff that's bottled up in my heart is why my clients hire me, because I'm creative. :-)

Look forward to continue "transforming" you, little girl!

P.S. Of course I know how to do the "usual newborn photography" that was mentioned above.  I'm just not showing. :-)

Light Shining Down on Newborn Baby - ©Jean Huang Photography
Light Shining Down on Newborn Baby - ©Jean Huang Photography