I Had a Henri Cartier-Bresson Moment in Morocco - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

It happened in the "blue city" of Morocco and the story started with a cat, a cat that seemed to be doing yoga.  Most cats we met in Morocco were frantic, always running away, missing one eye or a part of ear and wearing scars on their faces.  In other words, I'm not impressed with them.  

So this day, when I met thy cat in the alley of one street, cleaning herself with the most difficult poses imaginable, I took an interest in her and started photographing her.  And then, bang, a boy come running in my direction...  

El fin.  



Visually, this image instantly reminded me of an image of Henri Cartier-Bresson that was made in Siphnos, Greece, 1961.  What do you think?

P.S. In case you are interested, here's some bonus reading about Henri Cartier-Bresson's approach to his famous "decisive moments":

 ... "he began by picking a background that already seemed interesting to him because of its texture, geometric structure or accumulated images and signs, something he defined as ‘screen’. Then he waited for children or passers-by to come along and find their place in this layout of forms, which he described as 'instant coalition'". - 
"Learn” Serendipity for More Compelling Photos by Nadia Gric.

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