A Photograph That Saved A Thousand Words - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Photography can be such an amazing venue for expression and explanation without many words. As the cliche goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s also a great tool for representing a moment in time. However, just because one image saves one thousand words, it doesn’t mean no word is needed to provide context. This makes me think of a situation in which just because a good employee can save his boss tons of money doesn’t mean the employer won’t have to compensate him for his work. Alright, I digress…

Take this image for example, I made it before the National Historic Archery Challenge's Final in Bevagna, Italy. How would you interpret it or caption it? Knowing that
the people of this town is capable of drama in high fashion, I won’t be surprised at some of the answers that you will put below. 😊



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