Photography Requires Strong Will Power - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto, in Italian) is one of the most photographed landmarks in Venice.  I get its historical significance being the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal.  Personally, I don't think it's that artistically done.  Take a look at how its clunky body blocks most of the view into the water-way and the buildings behind it, you'll see my point.  But, it does offer an opportunity to get above the water.  And water is what I love.

So, despite all the touristic activities around me, I saw a perfect canvas on water which I could create on.  For me, staying laser-sharp focused in that setting is not that difficult.  But if you are interested in going to the Rialto Market only to rub shoulders with many other tourists that followed the tour guide books there, sitting by the canal to sip wines and watch people (mostly tourists, again), feeding one of the many pigeons that have infested Venice, or rescuing the sunglass that went down the the bridge (this was supposedly an accident), you'd need some (really strong) will power to stay focused on the beauty that makes Venice Venice.  

I hear music gliding across the surface of the water.  Do you?

P.S. Give a holler, in the comment below, if you want to see more images made from Venice. :-)



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