Sunrise in Heaven - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

By now, I hope you've all met the beautiful red fox that we had the fortune to meet by Lake Kussharo.  As if the encounter with her was not enough, our streak of luck continued. 

Lake Kussharo is a caldera lake in eastern Hokkaido.  It is the largest lake in Japan to completely freeze over in winter.  When we arrived the day before, the lake water was dark and choppy. However, later that day, it started snowing and the temperature dropped.  We took a risk and drove over before sunrise the next morning and was greeted by an amazing scenery.



It was so cold that the steam from my breath froze on the screen of my camera.  But I was totally immersed in the beauty of the pink glow, frost flowers on ice, mist arising from the surface of the water and the reflection of the snow covered mountain.   

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