Amalfi Coast

It's a Jungle Out There, Where is everybody? - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

They say "beauty is in the eyes of beholders".  I say an over-arching mantra is because we all look at things through our own "filters".  The fact is out there.  And yet, while we believe our own eyes, we can also be cheated by our eyes.  We each have this filter that affects how we see and feel about certain things and it may have been determined by our up-bringing, life experience, or anything that's unexplainable.

As the weather warms up, we plan our vacations.  Many dream of heading to the beaches.  One of the favorite is the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  When the season is right (or not), the view of the beach could seem like a sardine packing facility.  

I was there on one of those very days, when you'd run into tour buses or people or both any given second.  And yet, my filter brought me to make this image, of this "lone" man, when he's not quite "alone".  Do you have one of these experiences?  



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