B is for Barbiere in Pitigliano, Tuscany - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I love traveling in Italy.  Most of this amazing country has somehow resisted the influence of industrialization (and hence the outcome of "homogenization") and stayed adamant about its culture in food, social relationship and habits, in a way that I only remember in the country that I grew up in before it was bulldozed by capitalism.

This image was made when I was roaming the streets of Pitigliano in Tuscany (remember the town that grew out of rock?) at the best time of day (in my opinion) - after siesta time.  The whole town came out and the piazzas were filled with chatty men.  I poked my head into every door and window when my eyes were suddenly met with a scene that, in my mind, only exists in an old movie these days.  Time stayed still, no one was in a rush.  The present moment was all they cared about - be it the barber meticulously working on his client or the ones waiting...



You know you will hear more about Italy's old charm from me in the future. :-)

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