Black Sand Beach

I Danced a Song on the Black Sand Beach in Iceland - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I love it when I get to share my personal journey and artistic vision with potential investors.  In recent events that were held for the Naked vs. Nude photography show, it was fun seeing how many (including artists) thought my series of fine art nude photography resembles those of paintings and drawings.  What they did not know was that I like emitting a sense of dream/fairy tale/feeling through my work.  As a result, the work seems "out-of-this-world" as my client-turned-friend Sylvia likes to describe.  

When in Dyrholaey, Iceland, we went to meet the
ever-so-clumsy Atlantic puffins.  While waiting for their royal presence either from their burrows or back from sea, my mind (and eyes) wondered off...  The reward for the easily-distracted mind is a painting on a black canvas made of sand (see, not all who wander are lost).  

If my new writer friend Deji paints pictures with words, do you hear the song that I danced across the black sand beach in Iceland?              



The series of fine art nude photography will be on display at the Hive Gallery and Studios for limited time.  And, I don't know if I told you, they are limited in remaining editions as well. :-)

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I See Landscape in a Human Body - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

For those that's known me for a while, I'm not someone that likes to affix labels to people or things.  In my mind, it's a lazy way to understanding people (or things) by categorization.  This world has been around long before we had language.  So, suffice it to say, our vocabulary may be limited in deciphering what's going on in reality. Take this image for example.  I did not have words in my mind before making it.  On the contrary, I did what made sense to me visually.  So, I don't care what you call it.  It's landscape out of human body.  It's a fine piece of art, isn't it?

OK, OK, we'll have peace if you call it body-scape. :-)  There's another piece of my work with a similar concept if you follow the link.

Do you want a tasteful representation of your body?  I can be reached here.