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Celebrate a Rebirth - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

We all celebrate our birthdays once a year.  It's Polly's birthday and it has a special meaning to her. It's the first after she was diagnosed and been battling breast cancer.  I'm sure life has a different meaning and her priorities are more aligned with the things that are important to her.

Do we all need a "wake-up call" like that to start living our lives the way it's meaningful to us?  Can we all say that we've had a "hell of a life" (in a positive way :-)) on our last day in this world?

I'd like to take this opportunity, when Polly's celebrating her "rebirth", to say let's all live our lives as if it's our last (precious) day!

Here's Polly's story, the one that's to be continued:

Photographer/Editor: Jean Huang Photography Make-up Artist: Joanne Adolfo Song: Mindy Gledhill from Triple Scoop Music

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Breast Cancer Did Not Take Away her Beauty - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

Meet Polly.  When she felt that her life was just getting started - husband, baby son, career..., she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer...

To say that the last 7 months have been difficult would be an extreme under-statement.  Despite the physical (and mental and spiritual) challenges, she was not defeated and stands to prove that she is still beautiful.

For her story of personal growth from the battle that's still on-going, please visit this post with a video.  In the meantime, enjoy her beauty and the beauty of her strengths.

Beautiful-Woman-with-Breast-Cancer - ©Jean-Huang-Photography
Beautiful-Woman-with-Breast-Cancer - ©Jean-Huang-Photography