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Rising from the Fire - Los Angelels Fine Art Photographer

Yes, I have not been around (at least the way it seems) for a while.  In fact, I haven't posted since the beginning of this year.  "Where have you been?" You might ask.  "Hibernation" will be my answer. :-)As much as I love photography, I equally love the seemingly "idle time", the time when no one knows the boiling under the surface.  Yes, a lot has been cooking.  And no matter whether you've heard from me, I have been creating.  Although, I agree that it's not fair to not share to my supportive friends.

So, a voice said in my head that "today is the day to 'wake up from hibernation'".  Alright, alright.  I thought this piece of my most recent creation would be fit for my "return".

This is a clear demonstration of having an eye to turn what's ordinary into the extraordinary.  In case you are curious what's the origin of this art piece, all I can tell you for now is that I was walking along the side of a street in an old town.  A lot of time, I enjoy the "aimless" process of creation.  But this time, when I saw it, I had a vision.  Let me know how you like it:

Rising from the Fire - Wall Art ©Jean Huang Photography
Rising from the Fire - Wall Art ©Jean Huang Photography

Isn't this a beautiful addition to your living space?

I can see some of you might say, "My space is much more modern".  No sweat, how will this look for you?

Rising above the Fire - Wall Art ©Jean Huang
Rising above the Fire - Wall Art ©Jean Huang

So, have I redeemed myself? ;-)

If you are interested in my other fine art photography work, please visit my website or click here.  Have questions about how this art piece may fit your home?  Go ahead and contact me.

Until next time, enjoy your life! 

I'm Not a Big Sunset Photographer - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

That's right.  I love taking photographs around the time of sunset for its dramatic hues on everything (see why I choose sunsets over sunrises here).  But that doesn't mean I necessarily capture where the sun is.  

To me, when I feel something in my heart, that's when I press the shutter button.  It's a process where the heart comes first, and the technicality follows.  As the great Henri Cartier-Bresson said, "to take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart".  

While I was traveling in this ancient town of Hongcun, China (see also here and here), this scene captured my heart.  I "froze" it in my camera and brought it back so you can see what I mean.  Has it touched your heart?  

Sunset by the Moon Lake in Hongcun, China - ©Jean Huang Photography
Sunset by the Moon Lake in Hongcun, China - ©Jean Huang Photography

This image would make a beautiful decoration to your home, bringing peacefulness to your daily life, when processed on a piece of aluminum (i.e., metal print) or as an archival canvas gallery wrap. Please contact me if you are interested in more details.

Please visit here for more images that are perfect for your home.

Capture the Beauty Before the End - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I know, I know, I haven't posted for a month.  On the surface, it seems that I've slacked off.  And in reality, it may still seem like a slack-off to some of you.  The truth is (warning: whether something is true depending on the angle that you view it from, ha!), I just can't take my eyes off of the golden sunsets that we've got.

I love sunsets, especially the ones during summer here in LA.  This, in my opinion, is THE reason why California is dubbed the "Golden State".  The richness of the color makes the heat during the day more than worth it. 

Now, I'm sure some would argue that sunrises are just beautiful, if not more so.  I wouldn't disagree.  But I wouldn't agree either.

California Sunset - ©Jean Huang Photography
California Sunset - ©Jean Huang Photography

You see, I'm not an early riser.  And someone once said, the most important step in achieving success is to know thyself.  Therefore, early on in my photography career, I've come to the acknowledgement that if sunrise photographs are the most beautiful (and the most profitable, although most photographers would agree that money is not the motivation behind getting into this field) images in the world, I just have to live with the fact that I may never have this type of images in my portfolio and may never get rich. :-)  But, I will for sure be a happy photographer shooting sunsets.  

Now, if everything has a "grand finale" before it disappears from our sight, like sunlight, what do you have in store for the fast approaching end of this year?  If you don't have recent family/children's portraits on your wall, you know you'll regret that you didn't talk to someone named Jean. :-)  Not to scare you, now is your LAST chance to get in line.

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