Living in the Beauty of Ambiguity - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Most of time, we see things clearly and want to know where our future holds exactly.  On occasions, when we are dealing with areas being lack of black or white, we become unsettled.  The question is, are you seeing as thoroughly as you think?

Impressionism brought reality into our vision on a different level.  Omission of clarity and details apparently does not affect us understand the subjects at question.  If you are still zooming in, trying to pick every brush stroke, go across the globe to the other side of the world, where renowned Chinese painter Daqian Zhang (张大千) took it even further.  It's believed that he developed the
splashed color, or pocai (泼彩), style as he suffered deteriorating eye-sight.  Nonetheless, thanks to such "ailment", he sees beauty in ways that we otherwise would not have.

Years ago, as we were strolling the streets of Kyoto in the Gion district, a geisha passed us by in a "whoosh".  But that quick impression and what became "baked" into my camera has stayed with me.  

This image kind of reminds me of a later creation, Catch Me if You Can (2 of ...), which I once had a friend asking me what it's about after seeing it in my studio.  My response, "it is whatever you see in it".  What do you think of my reply? :-)