This Valentine's Day, Caress Yourself with Love - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I grew up in the far east and even I have heard the story of a woman being saved by a knight in shining armor (on a white horse?).  So, would it be safe to say that many girls, if not all, have been brought up in the culture where such fantasy exists?

Valentine's Day is such a classic holiday, nowadays, to celebrate with your such knight.  And it could cause stress for the princesses that are still waiting.  They may think that no knight likes her or, worse, that she's not worthy of love. 

Girl, listen, just like many things in this world, if desirable things haven't happened to you, it most likely is not a reflection on you.  Think about it, your designated knight, in such a confusing world, may have been lost, distracted, gotten into a fight with the devil for a wrong princess, or even fallen off the handsome horse and injured himself.  So, like I said, no delayed arrival for the above reasons could have been caused by you.  So, stop being so hard on yourself, and have faith that the fittest and the bestest knight will show up when it's the right time and you are in your best state of physical and spiritual mind.

In the meanwhile, caress yourself with abundant love.  Treat yourself as you deserve it.  All of my women clients know what I'm talking about.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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She Couldn't Have Enough of It - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I love it when clients come to view the images and couldn't have enough of it.  They love them so much that they'd want to order all of them.  This happened the other day again.  You can be sure that every cell of mine was smiling after the meeting! :-)


A Fun Session Leads to Fine Art - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I had something else in mind to shoot for that day.  But when we got together and saw the "collection" that she brought, I knew I was going to have fun with this piece.  A little adventurous mind and an equally willing subject leads to this piece of art.

Creativity is what my clients hire me for. :-)