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Is There Restaurants in Antarctica - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Oh boy, what a mountain I've set in front of me.  Before the end of year, I said it out loud that I "strive to share beauty, spread love and inspire changes" in every breathing moment of my (remaining) life.  With such hefty goals, and all your eyes on me, I became paralyzed...

Not for long. :-)  

I knew I have work to do.  The most imminent is to share stories of the Antarctica.  And I know you have questions, because I've got a lot of them in private conversations during the holidays, like "Is there restaurants in Antarctica?".  The best way to get them answered is to post them in the Facebook comment box below this post.

I do customized photography work.  And you, by asking questions, are having your  photography viewing/blog reading experience customized.

Go, have fun!