Can Normal Life Objects, like Chili Peppers, be Turned Into Art?

If you remember my earlier post "Looking Beyond the Obvious" and its follow-up "The Not So Obvious Answers", you'd know that I don't look at things in a "normal" way.  This time, it's no exception.

Things all started pretty innocently...

As mentioned in the post of "The Not So Obvious Answers", my parents gave me a few plants of Mexican chili pepper since I'm into vegetable gardening.  A couple of weeks have passed.  Dad stopped by and brought over 2 peppers from their own garden while mine just started having flowers.  It sort of feels like a "preview" of what to expect once mine come to "fruition".

The thing is that my tolerance to spiciness is limited and if my dad said this pepper is spicy, it IS spicy for me.  So I'm looking at these beautiful gifts from the nature and the photographer in me got an idea.  Why not take photos of them?

So here's what I started with:

© Jean Huang Photography and this:

© Jean Huang Photography Notice I've changed the border colors for the same picture.  And I want to remind you again that this piece of art only started with 2 pieces of chili peppers.  You've got to give the beautiful nature some credit!

Then I got a little more creative.  So here they are:

© Jean Huang Photography © Jean Huang Photography © Jean Huang Photography If you think what you just saw was beyond your imagination, then look at this.  I have to warn you, this is for the red hot hearts. :-)

© Jean Huang Photography Like what you've seen?  These art pieces can be printed (as is; without the watermarks, of course) and mounted or framed (at your choice) to make your day, every day.  At your preference, you also have the options to customize the border colors and/or background colors.

Additionally, if you like them to be made of other words/phrases, it can be done.   In other words, all sorts of customization can be done.

So all you need is to call or e-mail me (my contact info can be found by clicking the "Contact" tab at the top)!