Lost and Found

Lost and Found in Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Traveling in Iceland reminds me a lot about life.  Not all that you've learned (or you think you know) is helpful in surviving the expansive land that throws what defines nature any moment of the trip.  It takes a lot of embracing the challenges and having faith.  

In a life where there may have been roads built and traveled by our
predecessors, the question of whether following the obvious path or to trek where it will be called a road by people after you remains relevant.  

At the highland area of
Kerlingarfjöll where the highest peak is at some 4,800 feet, I found these two doing exactly that - evaluating the options.  Eventually, they turned around and talked to us.  Nonetheless, I thought they provided perfect colors to this volcanic land.

If you happen to run into them in your summer wondering, would you please show them this post as I promised?  Thanks to Apple, all my contacts disappeared one day and I lost contact with them.  They are from Austria.  The lady speaks perfect English and the gentleman's name is George.



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