Another Sunrise at Napa - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Remember the sunrise image that I made in Napa recently?  Well, here's another one for your enjoyment.

Isn't the color perfect for the season?


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Good Morning, Napa - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

It's funny how one can change.  And change has been nothing new in my life (see here if you want to know why).  But still, if I knew I'd get up hours before sunrise these days in my travels, I wouldn't say what I said merely 2 years ago. :-)

So, here I am, with a fine opportunity to be in Napa.  I know I will be photographing the beautiful wine country in Tuscany, one day.  But before then, I've got Napa and, as always, I made the most out of what I've been given.

I've been given a lot in this case - the warm sun-burst, crazy cloud movement, the morning mist/fog in the distance and the cool tone in the foreground.  All that in the only morning that I could work with.

I feel blessed, as in all my life! :-)

You want to know what happened next?  I went and took a nap, a nap in Napa is just perfect. :-)

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