Rice Terrace

I'm Going with the Flow (of the Lines and Shapes) in Longji, China, Again - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Can I say that I'm constantly morphing as a creative?  As many have recognized my love of colors, I see in a different way in Longsheng (龙胜), China.  Although there is colors, I wanted my images to accentuate the amazing movements of lines in the terrace rice field.

Oh, and I went a little over-board with "going with the flow" on this location.  :-)  To me, travel is as much about the personal interactions with the locals and visitors as with making beautiful and memorable images.  Over here, as I was photographing the amazing sunset scene, my ears plucked up and heard something that allowed me to strike a conversation with a couple traveling from Germany.  And we talked until the sun completely set and my hubby/assistante thought I was swallowed by mosquitoes. :-)

When was the last time that you "went with the flow"? ;-)

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Go with the Flow in Longji, China - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I went to Longji, Guangxi to see and photograph its terrace rice field.  What I didn't expect was to get philosophical.  But when your eyes are moving in every direction following the flow of the lines, I know the feeling.  But all I can say is "Don't fight it.  Go with the flow!" :-)Do you have an experience of being hit with "ah-ha moment" for life when you least expect it?  Share with us so we can learn from one another.

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