Vatsnes Peninsula

What Not to Do as a Photographer's Assistant (2 of ...) - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

To make great images when traveling in unfamiliar turf is never easy.  Photographing in Iceland has its extra set of challenges, such as coldness (winter temperatures in summer months), heavy rain, and gusty wind.  As many have eloquently summed up, Iceland has got "unpredictable weather".  But, nothing compares to a unique challenge that I have at hand.

I thought I'd debut my series of Iceland stories with one of its icons, the Icelandic horses.

Approaching northwestern Iceland made me giddy as that part of the island has always been noted for its horsemanship.  I was looking forward to recreating a classic like
this image made in Italy.  However, when my eyes finally met the viewfinder, this is what I got:         



I could get upset.  But I have no one to blame but myself.  Since the last time I wrote about this issue with my assistante, I have not done anything other than laughing about it here.  And, I continued to have him along, without pay.

Well, moments do not repeat and horses don't stay in one place for long.  So I chose to rise above the situation and make the best images that I creatively and professionally could.

Do you want to see what turned out?  I mean, do you want to meet the Icelandic horses without the "blocked view"?  Raise your hand below in the Facebook comment box.    

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