My Contest Entry with - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I feel guilty, guilty for not staying up to date with my postings here.

I won't even try to find an excuse.  What happened is that, in my already packed schedule, I found time to enter a contest, one that celebrates the power of images.  I thought it would be a great idea to show-case the variety of images made in our travels, with people going about their lives in the back-drops of their own environment.  It's been my long-time belief that people are part of the scenery.  I know how to make landscape photography.  In fact, I've done quite a lot in my travels.  And if you have people in your images, that's like putting seasoning in an already great dish. :-)

Here's a screen-shot of my entries.  Click on it and feel free to share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and/or email (links on the top right corner of the page).  Once I get 1,000 votes, you could be going to New York city with me.  No joking!

Before I let you go, what's the first thing that you see once entering the page?  Put it in the comment below.

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