'Tis the Season for Family - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

‘Tis the season for family reunions around the world. Here in the US, Thanksgiving starts off a month-long series of holidays and events for get-togethers.

Family comes in all shapes and forms as if it won’t be right if we don’t take a concentrated dosage of reminder how life is supposed to be. Concentration means higher pitch, bright colors, and, almost guaranteed, deeper valleys. You know I wasn’t just talking about wines, music, holidays decorations and… and depressed wallets. :-)

Everybody in our lives come for a reason. There’s no customization when it comes to family and, therefore, family comes as is.



In my earlier days, if I come home and find myself being greeted by a family like the one depicted in this image, I’d want to turn around. But, I’m a big girl now. I may still prefer turning around and spending time with “more pleasant people”. I’d stay and try to see through the surface and accept the challenges that this certain family brings, or simply patiently waiting for them to reveal why in the world they come to my life. ;P

Happy holidays and enjoy the family! You know you will miss them the other 11 months of the year. ;-)

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