Chloe, happy belated birthday! - Los Angeles Children's Photographer

I was finally able to do a photo session for Chloe, nearly two months after her first birthday.  Despite the delay, she was giving me the best that I could've asked for from a 14-month "young" baby.  Deep down, I sensed that she knew she was having a nice photo session.

How would I know?  Her mom said that Chloe would not take a nap before my arrival and was wide-awake hours after.  I know that's how I would be if I'm in a "big deal" kind of situation. :-)

Thanks to grandma, I had a blast taking picture of Chloe.  Chloe smiles; Chloe frowns; Chloe sits, crawls, dances... Boy (to be literally correct, I should say "girl"), how many faces can a one-year old make!

Chloe, happy belated birthday!  Jane and Raymond, congratulations!


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