Looking Beyond the Obvious

I'm of the opinion that beauty is always around us.  It's just up to us to find it.  A lot of time, it means slowing down, looking at things at a different angle or sometimes for a longer time. Well, what I'm about to share are the things that I picked up in my life.  I'm sure that you'd agree in a moment that they are not what you normally expect.  So the exercise for the weekend is... What Are They?

Put in your responses in comments and tell us the basis for your answers.  I will share with you mine next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

What Is This #1: Is this (a) an eggplant; (b) a tomato; or (c) something else (please specify)?

That wasn’t too easy, right?  Now, What Is This #2 (drum rolling…)

Wow, a banana boat?  We’ll see…

I know, I know, your head hurts after two questions, on a Friday afternoon, after a long week.  OK, this one will be easy, or is it?

What Is This #3:

That’s it for now.  I look forward to seeing your responses!  Have fun sniffing around in your garden this weekend!  :-)

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