Meet Sophie, the lucky baby! - Los Angeles Children's Photographer

Sophie is a 11-month old (big) baby!  And lucky for her, she has a brother that loves her.  You can tell that Sophie loves all her little heart back.  See the bright smile?  That's when Jason enters the room.

© Jean Huang Photography Sophie loves to play.  And with her brother on her side, it's more fun!   As for me, it's fun to try to figure out what's going on internally with this little one that doesn't speak the language that we understand yet.  Here it goes:

Sophie: "What do I do with this?  Man, this is hard for my little head."

© Jean Huang Photography

Sophie: "Oh, good, brother on scene.  But wait, wait, I'm still in charge here, OK?"

© Jean Huang Photography Sophie: " Umm... I think I need to take some ownership here.  Remember, I'm the one in charge."

© Jean Huang Photography Sophie: "I've got the ball rolling.  My brother can take it from here."

© Jean Huang Photography

Haha, I wish, one day, I can ask her if that's really what she was thinking, when she does speak "our language".  For now, let's enjoy the company of little Sophie, the lucky, brightly smiled 11-month old! © Jean Huang Photography