The Canvas Thin Wrap Print Has Arrived for Chloe!

Remember Chloe, the little lady that just turned one-year-old two months ago?  The canvas print has arrived!  I loved the vivid colors that came through the nicely wrapped canvas.  I can't wait to see the reaction from her mom and dad.  In fact, I'm so excited that I wanted to share some photos of the product online.  And I hope I'm not stealing the thrill from her parents. :p

As some of you are probably familiar with the standard canvas and gallery wraps (in the line of canvas products) already, thin-wrap is a new type.  With the thin edge and the block mount in the back, it provides a feel of floated picture on the wall.  Because of the home decor of the family, I thought thin-wrap would look really nice.

In  case you are wondering about the trivial details, a satin laminate was applied to protect the surface from scratches and makes cleaning really easy.

Here are the front, side and back views of this canvas print!  Look forward to your comments/feedback or questions!

The Front View:

© Jean Huang Photography The Side View: © Jean Huang Photography The Back View:

© Jean Huang Photography