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I know, I must feel like a slacker to you since I haven't posted for a while.  But, but, I had a reason (in your vocabulary, it may be an excuse; but I'm sticking to my own opinion).  The reason is that I took a trip to San Francisco and Napa and had many wonderful pictures from the trip.  So while I'm diligently processing these pictures, the story-teller in me thought that I'd keep you entertained with some more pictures of Chole that I've processed.

Something tells me that if I do things with a passion (in this case, telling a story), you would love it.  So, without further ado, here' the story.

Chloe is learning to walk and her parents bought her a little cart to walk with:

Chloe: "Yah, I can walk now!"

© Jean Huang Photography Chloe: "I am going places..."

© Jean Huang Photography Chloe: "Stepping on the gas.  The world is waiting for me to conquer..."

© Jean Huang Photography Chloe: " Wait, this thing is not going anywhere!  Must be a mechanical problem.  I can get it fixed in no time." (Chloe, has it occurred to you that grandma might have put a "manual break" to your "car"?)

© Jean Huang Photography Chloe: "Help!  Somebody?  Help!  Daddy?..."

© Jean Huang Photography Chloe: "I've decided that I'm upset.  These 'big people' only care about their 'big cars'.  No one's helping me.  Sigh..." © Jean Huang Photography Everybody, Chloe:

© Jean Huang Photography

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