She Likes It, She's Only Seven - Los Angeles Children Photographer

I'm a big believer of "making the most out of any situation" - take me for example, I would have turned out some other ways had I not practiced it. :-)  When I was photo shooting with her mom, I did not waste any chance of capturing great moments of a kid (in fact, 3 of them - more to follow later).  Don't forget, I'm still a children photographer despite the newly launched Transformational Photography with adult women.

In between her being busy with the make-ups (yes, she was fascinated with what the make-up artist was capable of), the reflectors, the stands, the tripod, etc., it must be a relief for her to catch some breath... 

I loved everything about this image - the big eyes, the curly hair, and the aimless gaze...  Mom loved it, sister loved it and, you know what, she likes it too!

What do you think she likes about this moment?  Hint: She's only 7.

7-year-old Girl Gazing into the Distance - ©Jean Huang Photography
7-year-old Girl Gazing into the Distance - ©Jean Huang Photography

Life is in the Moments, Celebrate It! - Los Angeles Custom Portrait Photographer

Life is in the moments that we live in.  This has been my belief and the exact reason that got me started doing portrait photography.  Now, it may sound biased coming from a photographer.  But people, do whatever it makes sense to you to capture the beautiful moments that we may (most likely) not be able to "go back" and retrieve.Yesterday, I ran into a gentleman.  Upon learning that I'm a photographer, he shared the thought that he's been wanting to do a family portraiture now that his parents are not getting any younger.  I love meeting people like this as it shows that they are passionate about their lives and that they are living and breathing the moments.

In the (sort of) modernistic world that we exist in, we tend to get buried in the "busy-ness" and forget why we are doing all the tasks on the to-do list.  The next thing we know, our kids have left the home and our parents are leaving (or have left) this world.  We wonder where our lives went and we have nothing tangible to refer back to.

Life is like water in a river.  It flows right by us whether we pay attention to it or not.  So take a moment out of your life, from time to time, to stop and dip your toes in the water, make a splash or even take a bath, if you'd so feel like it. :-)  As I always say, life won't wait.  So starting today, smell it, taste it, feel it...

My parents had a big wedding anniversary (to avoid the risk of aging myself, I choose to not disclose the total number of years).  Like any couple of that generation, they've been through a lot.  I thought it'd be nice to document this milestone in their lives together with a nice portraiture.  In my mind, it'd be a gift that when they look upon 20 or 30 years from now, it brings them right back to where we are today.  I hope this nice canvas gallery wrap has done just that - simple, elegant and memorable.  It's sitting beautifully on my parents' living room wall.

What memory would you capture for your loved ones this holiday season, or anytime of the year?

Wedding Anniversary Gift (Canvas Gallery Wrap) - ©Jean Huang Photography
Wedding Anniversary Gift (Canvas Gallery Wrap) - ©Jean Huang Photography

P.S. Excuse me for putting mosaic on my parents' eyes.  They are MY parents and, I know, I'm being selfish. :-) P.P.S. Did you know that this was a typical pose for wedding picture at the time that my parents got married? 

Sneak Peek View of a 6-Month Fresh Baby - Los Angeles Children's Photographer

Decision, decision, decision...  How can I choose just one image to "reveal" to the anxious grandma and family?  Baby D2 is so cute and he gave me not one, not two, but a myriad of baby expressions that I love to capture in my photo sessions with children.While you will for sure get to know baby D2 more in a later post, this image will hopefully "quench the thirst".  However, I won't be surprised if it does the opposite and raise your appetite as a friend always wants to "eat" my cute portrait subjects.  Good thing she's all the way in Spain.  Right, Vanessa? ;-)

6-Month Old Baby D2 - ©Jean Huang Photography
6-Month Old Baby D2 - ©Jean Huang Photography