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She Likes It, She's Only Seven - Los Angeles Children Photographer

I'm a big believer of "making the most out of any situation" - take me for example, I would have turned out some other ways had I not practiced it. :-)  When I was photo shooting with her mom, I did not waste any chance of capturing great moments of a kid (in fact, 3 of them - more to follow later).  Don't forget, I'm still a children photographer despite the newly launched Transformational Photography with adult women.

In between her being busy with the make-ups (yes, she was fascinated with what the make-up artist was capable of), the reflectors, the stands, the tripod, etc., it must be a relief for her to catch some breath... 

I loved everything about this image - the big eyes, the curly hair, and the aimless gaze...  Mom loved it, sister loved it and, you know what, she likes it too!

What do you think she likes about this moment?  Hint: She's only 7.

7-year-old Girl Gazing into the Distance - ©Jean Huang Photography
7-year-old Girl Gazing into the Distance - ©Jean Huang Photography