How Many Ways Can You Say "I Love You" - Los Angeles Photographer

Well, well, well...  We just can't (and shouldn't) stop having fun with photography.  Why would we?  Life is filled with wonderful opportunities to memorize, let alone the holidays that are clearly marked on the calendar.  If you know me, you'd expect that I throw out another one of those contests to have (more) fun for this coming holiday. For the culturally versed, you may say it's the Chinese New Year.  Yes, I will be celebrating it.  But I'm not sure that all my reader/fans would.  So, while I light up the fire-crackers (in my mental visualization), you are probably thinking about another holiday.

So, here is our new "excuse" to have fun - How Many Ways Can You Say "I Love You" - 2011 Valentine's Day Photo Contest!

© Jean Huang Photography

Winning is (as always) easy :-):

1. Sleep on it (yes, in your sleep) tonight because your brain will thank you tomorrow. :-)

2. Tell us what you'd do for someone important in your life to celebrate this Valentine's Day (it can be your significant other, your pet(s), your parent(s), your child(ren), etc.).  Since it's a photo contest, capture the essence of what you'd do in a picture.

3. Now you'd submit the picture to somewhere.  First, make sure you are a fan of Jean Huang Photography at

4. Submit your picture(s) to the wall of the fan page (link in #3), as many photos as you'd like.  Ensure your photo(s) are rated G (i.e., safe for all ages).  Again, no limit on number of photos to submit.  But each idea should be represented by only one picture.

5. Now, here's the fun part: Vote for creative ideas by "liking" the photos representing them. And, promote your photos to gain as many "likes" as possible.  So ask your friends and family to vote for you.

5a. I know I just said this: Photos are judged on creativity.  So photos that are less than professional could still win the contest as long as they are "safe" (please see #4 again).

6. Deadline to submit and vote is noon (12:00 PM) US Pacific Time on Monday January 24th, 2011.

7. The picture(s) with the most "likes" goes home with a prize (Note: each picture is a separate entry. The picture with the most "likes" wins).

8. Number of winning pictures is determined by number of fans as of the cut-off date of the contest (i.e.,12:00 PM US Pacific Time on Monday January 24th, 2011). One winning photo for every 100 fans.

Good luck!  And most importantly, have fun!