This Valentine's Day, Give the Gift of Fine Art - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

Psst...  Guys!  Valentine's Day is coming!

If it hasn't been on your radar, thank me for bringing it up to you before you're in trouble with your lady. ;-)

OK, so what to do to show your appreciation for her making another year pass by easier? :-)  Let me guess... Chocolates?  Roses?  Well, to us women, doing something same as last year may not be the best thing in the world...

If I were you, I'd totally impress your lady with a gift of fine art.  That is, she gets to spend time with us, being pampered and seeing herself being turned into a piece of art like this:

This-Valentine's-Day, Ladies-Turn-Into-Fine-(Pieces-of)-Art-at-Jean-Huang-Photography
This-Valentine's-Day, Ladies-Turn-Into-Fine-(Pieces-of)-Art-at-Jean-Huang-Photography

What's more cool is that chocolates melt, roses die, and this piece of art will be there for a long time (these art work supposedly last a life time) to remind her what a great guy you are!

Now, you are only one click away from seeing the expression on her face, like "you get me". :-)