I "Transformed" a Dandelion - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I once received a comment about how I can handle any weather condition when photographing during travels.  Comments like this are always nice, especially when you least expect them.  Lorraine, you know you made my day, and the next day, and the day after, and so one and so forth ... :-)

Lately, I've been thinking about this.  In an age where consumers are converse about terms such as saturation and contrast, good photographs are easily reduced down to a bunch of good cameras and some Photoshop tricks.

Is it really so though?

The other day, I picked up a stem of dandelion and had a vision in my mind.  I started out in the flat natural light.  And as you see (in the insert), it's not bad.  However, my vision includes nothing but sharp detailed hair, and not much distraction from the base of the "hair stems.  So, with some adjustments to lighting, I "transformed" a stem of dandelion.  (After all, photography is painting with light, isn't it?)

If I can transform something that does not follow instructions, imagine what a difference my lighting, posing, styling and (of course) joking can make to a client. :P

Interested in a "Transformational Beauty" session?  You know where to find me.

"Transformation" of a Dandelion - ©Jean Huang Photography
"Transformation" of a Dandelion - ©Jean Huang Photography