I did something about my unruly hair - Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I'm sure you've all seen my ever-crazy, ever-fun-loving profile image (see the image on the left below and here and here).  It expresses the inner peace (should I say passion and happiness instead?  Haha... ;-)) and has gotten tons of compliments.

Well, something like this would be hard to out-do.  And yet, "change is the only constant" is the B.S that I learned in my corporate life.  So, I've decided to do something that's so drastically different from the beloved profile.

For those of you that's been asking for more images of me online (J.M., are you reading this?), this is to show that I haven't been playing deaf to you. :-)

Now, here's my ask - give me your thoughts before I blast this all over the web (wait, is it already too late to take back?).  At the least, give me a word that you feel from the image on the right.

Profile Image - ©Jean Huang Photography
Profile Image - ©Jean Huang Photography