Fairy Tale or Fiction in Guangxi, China - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Traveling in places with scenery that’s out of this world, one is guaranteed to have unusual encounters.

On our stroll to photograph the rice terrace in Longsheng, China, a boy in the middle of the road caught our attention, hunched down, dried noodles in hands.

We got down to his level and had a short but meaningful exchange:”What are you doinggg?”

Him:”I’m feeding ants.”



He recognized our subsequent amazement. And we went on with our journey. On the way, I remembered another encounter earlier in the day, when we waited for the bus to take us up here from the foot of the village.

It was a long wait by only the two of us, until a person in the outfit of a peasant (judging by the straw hat) got near and sat down next to us. As meeting locals is always what we love in travels, I was getting ready to have a fun and meaningful exchange of our respective experiences and background. When he turned around and spoke to us, I noticed his fair skin under the hat, fair for a peasant.

”There’s been great improvement to the people’s quality of life in this region”, he said.

Seemingly acknowledged his comment, I was searching for words to compliment his skin.

But, after a brief pause, off he went, leaving us befuddled about what just happened.



After this many years, that little boy popped up in my head the other day. I wonder, if his ants got big from his dried noodles.

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