If you are going to fly, do it with a flair - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

When you are born with a pair of wings, you are meant to fly.  While you are at it, soar as high as possible.  The view will guarantee to be different.

We've been eyeing this beauty for a while.  So, when we knew we would meet them in the Galapagos, my Assistante had been asking about the viewing possibility every day of the trip.  And even with such persistent effort, we almost missed them.  At an unexpected opportunity, we seized the chance and made the trip (even) more fulfilling. :-)



Her name (could have been a he as well :-)) is red-billed tropicbird.  You may wonder why the red lips, the eye-liners, and even the long tassels fluttering in the air while it's flying?  To be honest, I don't know.  But they sure catch attention.  At least they got me and my Assistante obsessed.  

Oh, this just gave an idea.  Let me add to what I said earlier - when you fly, soar as high as possible and make sure to do it with a flair!

Are you flying in style? ;-)

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