2011 Halloween Costume Photo Contest - Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

It's that time of the year again! The spirits are looming in...Some of you have partied all weekend long in your "special outfits". Others will show off (in darkness) tonight trick-or-treating. In any case, make sure you have proof that your costume is the most fun/creative/scary...because we at Jean Huang Photography would like to give out a prize for the voted winner.

You've got the costumes. And you have the camera ready. Let the fun begin here! Any questions can be posted here.

Photographic skill are not judged, however it may help get a few more "likes" that you'd need to win. :-)

In case I haven't made it clear, number one rule of the contest is to HAVE FUN! :-)

The Cutest Kids in Halloween Costumes Contest is going on - Los Angeles Children's Photographer

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights ReservedEverything has been reminding me that fall is undeniably with us and yellow, red and brown will soon be the prevalent colors.  As my eyes moved near the bottom of the calendar, I know it's the spooky time of the year again.  So, it will only be fitting to "update" the color them of this website immediately.

The other day, I had a photo shoot at a pumpkin patch and loved, loved, loved the atmosphere and had fun.  The chill in the area helped my head think up a fun and impromptu idea.  Why not have a contest of pictures of the kids in Halloween costumes?

So, if you haven't, load your cute kids' Halloween costume pictures to  You may just win a free gift from me!

For the competitive, here are the details:

- Pick the cutest Halloween pictures of your kids to post onto the link provided above (you'd need to "like" the page with Facebook first). - One picture per kid. - The kid/picture that gets the most "likes" will win a nice seasonal gift from me. - Voting is cut off as of noon (Pacific Time) Monday November 1st.

Secret in winning: Lobbying is allowed. So have your mom, dad, friends, neighbors to vote for your kids' pictures!

Good luck!

P.S. Which pumpkin in this picture is your favorite? ;-)