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The title should be clear enough and this graph would make it even more clear as mud. :-)

Back in the days when all I had online was baby photographs, I was hired to photograph an adult, a beautiful woman.

Skipping through the years, later, I attracted interest from body-builders.  While I'm excited at the interesting projects, I don't want to jump the gun in assuming what kind of work that I show online got them inspired.  Do you want to give it a try by pasting the link from my blog site or website in the comment area?  More heads together is definitely better than my head. :-)

Jean Huang Photography Paradigm
Jean Huang Photography Paradigm

Red Hair + Long Dress = Floating in the Ocean - Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

"Love at first sight" is how my client describes this painting of the red-haired beauty.

When I saw it, my heart sang!  For one, I love working with people that are open to chances (hint: think "free spirit").  Two, do I really need to say?  This client has a true appreciation for art.

Now, I could "figuratively" replicate what she likes about this painting.  But hey, she hired me as an artist and copying is boring for me.  Plus, do you really think that she will be thrilled if I had her hair dyed red, I mean, crimson red? :p

So, when she submitted the picture of the long dress (see below) as one of the potential outfits for the photo shoot, I knew I had to use it, because it's another "love at first sight" for her. ;-)

What happened next, as they say, is history. :-)  We've created a fairy/mermaid* that floats in the ocean.  Don't ask me what the fairy was doing.  What a dumb question!  The most important thing is this - doesn't your heart feel the "free spirit" from this image that we achieved?

For me, I know I've nailed this one when my client had to have this photograph.  So, is this "love at first sight" for her?  Haha... You'd have to ask her when you see her sporting the lovely dress floating around. :-)

Remember, the next time you hire an artist, look for the signs that they create, and not merely copy.

* excuse moi for the poor selection of term since English is not my mother tongue. :P  But, you know where I'm getting, don't you?

P.S. Does this equation reminds you of a chemistry lab back in school?  Well, you are not alone.  Anyway, chemistry was the only subject that my sister did better than me.  And the secret, as she later revealed, was memorization.  Boring!!

Red Hair + Long Dress - Floating in the Ocean - Creative Process of Jean Huang Photography
Red Hair + Long Dress - Floating in the Ocean - Creative Process of Jean Huang Photography