Devon Island

How Many Icebergs are Enough? - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

“What are you going to do with all these photographs of icebergs?” It didn’t take long before our zodiac driver noticed my obsession with icebergs and photographing them.

Everything we know about icebergs is fascinating. That they are made of glacial ice of maybe more than 15,000 years old… That they are snow that were compressed, taking air and sediment along with them, making them history “frozen” in time. That they roll and turn and reveal many facets, telling us where they’ve been or what they’ve encountered. That “the tip of an iceberg” is truly only about 1/8 of the berg that we see…

To me, an iceberg is a unique individual that carries with her a wealth of stories waiting for the discerning eyes to learn, before it disappears into the vast ocean. So, how do I describe each iceberg’s unique qualities when all someone sees is quantity?



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