May You be Surrounded by the Warmth of Family - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season in many countries/cultures.  The drop of temperatures and the changes of colors reminded me of this image.  

This was after we made our way safely from the
Hyogo region and arrived in Kyoto, at the golden time of such historical city that once served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence for more than one thousand years.  The air had chilled enough for its maple leave to turn yellow and red and momiji-watching has become a national ritual. 

Eikan-do Zenrin-Ji (永観堂禅林寺) was such an inspiring temple where autumn colors, cultures and architecture kept us occupied for a whole day (yes, we snuck out for lunch because it was so cold and negotiated our way back in the afternoon).  As the day-light faded, the warm tones glowing from within this door drew me in.  I can feel my skin slowly relaxed, just by looking at this image today.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you be surrounded by the warmth of family!



After dinner, if you haven't, read the story and have fun trying to win a prize here to kick off the holiday season.    

A real beauty brought back from Vietnam - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I realized that it's been months since our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and I've been guilty of not sharing enough beautiful images from it.  This one stuck in my mind even during the trip. It was the day that we arrived in Hanoi.  The weather was perfect and we took an easy afternoon stroll along the lake near our hotel.  It turned out to be a popular day (or season) for bridal portraits.  We must have run into at least 5 couples within an hour.  This bride-to-be in her traditional costume, with the soft rays on her shoulder, was simply too beautiful to pass up for me.

So here's my take on her bridal portraiture:

Bridal portraiture at Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography
Bridal portraiture at Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography

Anybody knows this beautiful bride?  I would love to send her a print.

Beauty is in the Eyes of Beholders - Los Angeles Photographer

At the turn of weather, when the cold air kisses the trees, the leaves start blushing.  The thing is, these trees are lining up a major street.  What does it take for one to start taking in the beauty of the season?  Is it how many times one has to drive through the street?  Is it the time of the day that you are looking at them?  Or is it the right mood that one has to be in? To me, it didn't matter that I just came back from a photo session and cuddling up in sofa sounded like a comfortable thing to do.  How can I ignore the splendid display of the colors when the leaves were saying their final farewell?  I parked the car and was blessed with this beautiful piece of art.

Do you want to take a guess at where this is, if you have ever been to Hacienda Heights, California? ;-)

© Jean Huang Photography

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