Red Fox

We Fell into Fox Heaven in Hokkaido, Japan - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

We went to the lake for the swans (think Swan Lake :-)).  And yet, we encountered a fluffy object in the middle of the road.  Driving on the left side in Japan on slippery surfaces could potentially mess up our senses.  We paused, the fluff ball moved.  

It's a red fox!  

We read about them ezo foxes in Hokkaido before the trip and we made a painful decision to not drive that far out to meet them.  How in the world did we get this lucky?

I called out to her and she came over.  She gave me friendly faces, like how these tooth-less babies (i.e., the baby in the Amazonas and baby D2 from LA) responded to my voices. 
She would sit, squat, and walk, all the meanwhile eyes glued onto mine, like how my eyes onto hers.  There's love in the air, I'm sure, only with no words.  She would give me all looks that I would not have anticipated in my wildest dreams, like this funny side-look.  It's not a dream, it's a heaven that we fell into.  

Ezo-Red-Fox-Giving-the Side-Eye-Lake-Kussharo-Hokkaido-Japan-Copyright-Jean-Huang-Photography

Ezo-Red-Fox-Giving-the Side-Eye-Lake-Kussharo-Hokkaido-Japan-Copyright-Jean-Huang-Photography

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