You Must be a Really Good Photographer - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

We were in the Amazonas village of San Francisco.  While most of the group was occupied by the sugar cane juice squeeze demo, Doc alerted me to a baby girl.  I turned around, our travel mate Michael already assumed position. 

As I raised my camera while seeking optimal angle, I heard Michael's comment, "Jean, you must be a really good photographer.  The baby just smiled for you".  Oh yeah, that's right, the baby smiled, and then laughed, and then laughed really hard.  All of sudden, baby D2 popped into my mind, the 6-month fresh baby that I photographed almost 5 years ago.  

On the day that I met baby D2, he was woken up by grandma from a nap.  Therefore, he was not supposed to be very happy.  But as the photo session progressed, D2 laughed at every word that I said, or what seems to be every noise that I made.  Needless to say, the session was a great success, and the grandma deeply relieved.  At the end, she said, "Jean, you are like a baby whisperer in photography (as opposed to the famous Dog Whisperer in a different profession)".  

Judging from lack of teeth, this baby is at 6-month of age the most.  Throughout my career, it has been an amazing feeling to be connected to these (very) young human co-habitants of earth.  Maybe, underneath my skin, there's a pre-teeth baby hiding? 

On this trip, Peruvian babies/children stole my heart.  More on that later...



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