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A Memorable Party, A Memorable Family - Los Angeles Event/Party Photographer

When Lissette contacted me about a surprise party that she and her family was planning for her mother, I was so excited and almost rushed out of my mouth "hire me, hire me".  That's exactly the kind of environment where I'd love the energy from, the care, the love and, of course, the surprise. :-) Lucky for me, I got to experience the wonderful party, at a beautiful venue while all the festivities were in the air.

© Jean Huang Photography © Jean Huang Photography

Lissette, I'd say all the hard work that went into the party was worth it, even though you had to hide it from your mom while doing the planning under the same roof!  What a fun party - the hugging and kissing (:-)), the nice food, the mariachi band and the dancing, the dancing, and more dancing.  Even with the tears coming up when you and your sister were giving a speech, I'd still say it's a great party. :-)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience such a beautiful party and to meet your beautiful family!  And Aida, happy birthday!  I'm sure the memories of this night will stay with you for a long time, with the help of my pictures. :-)

© Jean Huang Photography © Jean Huang Photography

What Better Way than to Preserve Your Party Memories in a Custom Photo CD/DVD Case - Los Angeles Event/Party Photographer

Happy holidays!  Tis' the season for parties!

Although I have tiered pricing for events/parties, many customers choose to have the touched-up pictures burned onto a CD/DVD.  In this case, I'd always recommend a CD/DVD case.  Why?  Because it's a great add-on and it's like what an album is like to the pictures in it.  It also protects the nice pictures from the memorable parties on your CD/DVD.

They can be single, double or triple CD/DVD holders with leatherette, linen, or custom photo covers (my personal favorite) and finished with a magnetic closure.

The pictures below are examples of a CD case for Nathan the little pirate's party.  In this case, it holds a single CD, with customizations on the cover, including the design (can vary based on the occasion and taste preference), the picture and the caption.  The cover is also laminated for further protection of the surface.

Now, go off and book a venue (could be your home :-))for a holiday celebration and I will be there in no time! :-)

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved © Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved © Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

What a Halloween Party for Omar and Gabriela - Los Angeles Event/Party Photographer

On an eerie night, after the sun had set, I walked into Omar and Gabriela's Halloween party.  I have to say that I had a great time.  But getting there was not easy.  With anything good in life, you have to fight through obstacles to harvest the rewards.  For me, it was overcoming the fear.  Surprised?  I guess not around Halloween.  Follow me along, and I'll show you the way:

Passing the falling gates...

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

Treading through grave-yard where the rattling comes from within the coffins...

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved Who knows what's behind the thick fog where there's hissing wind by your ears...

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved Finally, I was greeted by the friendly hosts.  Wait, is this an Asian-influenced gathering?

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved Once inside, I realized it's truly a "diversified" group, from past to current, from above and below the ground.  Who says it's not a globalized world that we live in?  You want evidence?  I've got proofs:

We've got geisha from, well, Japan:


© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

And we've got amigo, a big-foot one, from, umm..., Mexico:

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

And then we have these:

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

Oh my, is it Brittney Spears?

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved She never fails to surprise me.  But then, I guess it's my fault, she's always been true to herself.

Oh, did I mention I ran into two witches, including a pretty one:


© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

The hosts truly know how to have fun at parties.  So there's a bar-tender, a DJ and, of course, a costume contest.  The three winners are....a beauty and the beasts:

 © Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved

Alright, by now, you can see that I've had lots of fun at the party and with the photos.  I have to say, thank you for having me there, Omar and Gabriela!  It was an impressive party!  And look forward to your Christmas party, hehe!!

 © Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved