DVD Case

What Better Way than to Preserve Your Party Memories in a Custom Photo CD/DVD Case - Los Angeles Event/Party Photographer

Happy holidays!  Tis' the season for parties!

Although I have tiered pricing for events/parties, many customers choose to have the touched-up pictures burned onto a CD/DVD.  In this case, I'd always recommend a CD/DVD case.  Why?  Because it's a great add-on and it's like what an album is like to the pictures in it.  It also protects the nice pictures from the memorable parties on your CD/DVD.

They can be single, double or triple CD/DVD holders with leatherette, linen, or custom photo covers (my personal favorite) and finished with a magnetic closure.

The pictures below are examples of a CD case for Nathan the little pirate's party.  In this case, it holds a single CD, with customizations on the cover, including the design (can vary based on the occasion and taste preference), the picture and the caption.  The cover is also laminated for further protection of the surface.

Now, go off and book a venue (could be your home :-))for a holiday celebration and I will be there in no time! :-)

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