Walled Town

Love Story in Cuenca, Spain (Part 2) - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

In the last postJulián was enlisted to fight the Italian Wars in order to improve his outlook with Inés, the girl that he was in love with.  In the weeks and months that follow, news from Julián was sporadic. 

Two years later, when the war ended, Julián, now loaded with laurels, took the shortest roads and paths to go back home.  Nothing was communicated to
Inés as he wanted to make his appearance a pleasant surprise.  Finally, on one night, he showed up at their usual time to meet in front of Inés' door, intending to thank the Christ of the Passage (el Cristo del Pasadizo, in Spanish) for his safe return and a bright future.  Only this time, he found his position being occupied by a young Lesmes. 



Infuriated and jealous, Julián pulled out his sword and threw himself at Lesmes who instantly unsheathed his sword to defend.  The quiet night was broken by the sharp clash of swords, until Julián lost his footing on one of the steps and fell.  Lesmes took advantage and push his sword through Julián's already shattered heart.  The silence returned.

Soon, the guard came.  In an effort to escape the chase, 
Lesmes tried to jump from a path hid in the leafy forest in the upper city, unraveled a stone and went down to the bottom of the valley.

Inés, guilty of causing two lives, confined herself in the Convento de las Petras for the rest of her life.  To this day, people say her sad spirit still wanders the Convento.

In a UNESCO town that was built by the Moors and later conquered by the Castilians in the 12th century, there's bound to be a lot of stories.  And this is one of them.



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