How much intervention with nature is too much - Los Angeles Photographer

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for photography.  One, it comes after a life-less winter.  Two, it provides the fresh colors that no other seasons can. Realizing that the season will come to an end before we are done enjoying it, I took out my camera and ventured into a garden, so close that it's in my backyard. :-)

My eyes were drawn by a cluster of geranium flowers, scarlet red on the edge and slowly fading into light pink to the center.  As I pointed my lens and ready to utter out "say cheese", I froze.  It looks like someone else beat me to it.  Take a close look at this image and see if you could find any "irregularity":

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

As a human being, equipped with much more power and intelligence (supposedly), I could very easily destroy this little "infestation" and go on with my joy of capturing the intact beauty that nature has to offer.  But wait, isn't this green incident part of nature?  If I do what my first instinct tells me to, would I still shamelessly complain that we don't see butterflies anymore in summer?

As you see, I stood there and made the intelligent decision (I think) and the result is what you just saw.

Enjoy, my friend!  I hope you have a wonderfully natural weekend and I look forward to you sharing it here on Monday.