Am I a Wild-Life Photographer? - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I did not seek to become a wild-life photographer at the beginning of my career.  I knew I wouldn't have the patience, nor the tenacity.  However, life has an interesting way to teach one to never say never.*

My recent travels have brought me to places where I simply could not resist photographing.  I mean, without making a great image, how could you show off your encounter with this black bird, the yellow-hooded blackbird?  In fact, how would you even go about explaining that such a beauty exists, without expending one thousand words? ;-)  That's why, I chose the jump-first-question-later approach.  Aren't you glad I did?  

*My partner Wayne (as in a CPA firm, in my previous life) used to always say "never say never" and it stuck with me for all these years.  I feel that I should give him credit for how I don't ever say never, publicly. :D



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