Tango is for Argentina, Flamenco is for Andalusia - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Before walking into the room, my expectations were lukewarm.  Though, I did not stay in that state for long.  As soon as the lights were down and the guitar started playing, I was singing, moving, feet tapping the floor, hands up in the air clapping, bottom of skirt sweeping... in my dreams. :-)

Fortunately, I did not lose all my senses and forget my position as an audience, and people in the row before me. :-)  So I could bring the craze and passion that every sense was loaded with from Spain back to you.  Some say
the Spanish word flamenco could have been a derivative of the Spanish word flama, meaning "fire" or "flame".  I would not argue with that.

Flamenco, it's (fiery) love at first sight. :-)



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