Chasing Bubbles with All Your Life - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I've written about how, in the Amazons, children, and adults, take (having fun in) life seriously.  Kids in "modern-day societies"?  Not so sure.  Letting themselves glued to iPads is not living life, IMHO.  Well, one visit to the Plaza Espana in Sevilla, Spain on one fine afternoon had me impressed.  I mean, look at these chicos and chicas, they weren't just chasing bubbles with their fast-moving legs.  They were giving their whole lives.  



This image is from the "Bubble Fun" series that was submitted to the "People : Other_P" category of the 2017 International Photography Award contest.  I'm honored to have been "honorably mentioned".  It's the first time that I participated and I think I may continue chasing my bubbles. :-)

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