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Help wanted - hair stylist please! - Los Angeles Photographer

I need help, seriously. It all started from this:

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang I hope you understand the urge to add a little green in the desperate winter months (despite the spring-like weather that we've had lately).  Just add water?  Sure.  Plus, I get to style the hair once it's out.  Any creative types would jump at the opportunity to fuss with (someone else's) hair, right?  Isn't it as easy as the picture shows?

Wrong!  I jumped too soon, sooner than when I possess the ability to fuss with anyone's hair.  Problem is, the hair did not come out the way it's shown on the box.  Now what?  It takes a lot more skill than I anticipated, I think.  So, please, hair stylist to rescue!

To give you a good reference of how bad things are, here are the back and front views:

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang © Jean (Jiaying) Huang Help!  The bug needs you, please...