Beautiful travel pictures from Vietnam and Cambodia to be slowly released - Los Angeles Photographer

OK, I'd have to admit that I'm a little behind on posting pictures.  The truth is, as many of us are familiar with the moment of clicking the shutter, the pictures taken usually go through a digital processing that, in my opinion, takes much longer time than the time of photo shoot.  Plus, the end results are an art, the generation process of which is not anywhere near the ones that involve 1+1 = 2. So anyway, this sort of explains why my travel photos have a lagging time while I'm painstakingly working on each individual for a way of presentation/expression that I feel good at the time.  And all this is going on while I have the clients' pictures in the "front burner".  If you haven't figured out that I'm the type of photographer that falls in love with her clients' photos before the client even has a peek, you'd know that I go through the same "perfectionist" type of process with my client work.

So, finally, I feel good about releasing one picture from my Vietnam and Cambodia trip.  While I'm in the process of making a book with the incredible scenery, history, culture and people of these countries, I will make a calendar with a selective few.  And I think that this picture will make the final cut.  What do you think?

Halong Bay, Vietnam - © Jean Huang Photography

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