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I've never had a doubt in my mind that I'm an artist by heart and photography is one of the media that I happen to express myself with.  While I dabble in many things creative, I've also been painting, which I believe contributes to the style of my photography. Remember this image that I made from Hoi An, Vietnam?  I've been playing in mind, for years, to accentuate the beautiful texture that only comes with age and wear.  I think I've done its justice today.  What do you think?



Who Wants to Go Back to the Past? - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

This has been an opinion of mine for a long time:  We somehow got onto this train of modernization (let's make it a bullet train) that grabbed us by the swift.  Before we know it, we are in this foreign land that looks nothing like the place that we came from.  Well, it could be good, and it could be bad.  The problem is, while we are rushing in one direction, many want to take the other train heading back.

So many times, when I travel in foreign countries, I see things that remind me of the past.  And inevitably, that made me miss the "good old days".

This image was made when strolling the "old district" of Hanoi in Vietnam.  It amazes me that in this day and age, there's a barber shop right on the street, when all it takes is just a chair and a few tools in a box.  Really, life can be so simple.  And we manage to make it complex.

What do you miss about the past?  If there's a train to take you back, would you hop on it?  Would you go to the days when the pace was slower.  And in fact, when you drink coffee, it's beyond serving the purpose of keeping you going through stress (remember the word "leisure"?)?  Would you go back to the days when people actually talk to each other, face to face, and you receive hand-written notes in the mail?

If you haven't found this train, give me a call.  I don't know where it is either.  But I am the "middle-ground" where I do talk to my clients (not via text messages) and send hand-written notes. :-)

Barber Shop on the Street of Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography
Barber Shop on the Street of Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography

Photography brings us closer - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Advanced means of transportation have made a huge difference in how we do business and how far we get to travel to in our lives.  Although I've been travelling and taking photographs for  years, not until today did I realize how close I can be with somebody, brought together by photography.If you remember, I made a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in November of 2010.  While every city that we visited was amazing, Hoi An remained one of favorites due to it's diverse culture background and colorful architecture.  So you may remember this image that I've posted on my Facebook fan page or on Flickr.

Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography
Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography

Can you believe just one month earlier, someone took an image at the same spot?  Mind you, it's on an off-beat street that I don't think every tourist visits and this lady lives all the way in Catalonia.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike! :-)

Hoi An

P.S. I have to say it's pretty amazing that the same bike was still there a month later, not locked.  But the bananas had disappeared.  Any clue? ;-)

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